Want to Know About Me?

Where do I start? I am ALL about Girl Power and helping others. I’ve worked in Health Services Administration for the last 15 years. I’m also a Freelance Makeup Artist and I love all things Glam! I’m definitely that friend that’s called when makeup, fashion or decorating tips are needed.

I enjoy spending time with my family and trying different foods. I love watching movies.  My son and I are all about any Marvel movies. I am certified as a Travel Agent, all because I love traveling so much. I’ve worked in a couple of Network Marketing companies. I am a Women’s Reproductive Healthcare Advocate.

I love motivating others to follow their dreams. I knew in high school and college that I wanted to do something outside the box, so to speak. I’ve always been creative, I took 4 years of art and 3 years cosmetology in high school but the fear of not getting a safe job led me to college wanting something stable. I didn’t know anyone that worked online or what bloggers actually did.  I find so much value in learning online business and digital marketing has completely captivated me within this last year.

I’m so excited about following my passion and continuing my journey with you! Let’s create Ionic Lives!


Socialize With Me

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