My Experience

I can definitely relate to the women in this video. I’ve also received a call from the Gynecologist letting me know that I needed to get a repeat Pap after my annual visit. That was truly a scary moment that I think about every time I go for my exam. 

Why I Decided To Get Involved

Starting my blog has been an awesome experience. I simply love inspiring women and empowering them to do what they love. A friend of mine showed me the video during the prelaunch phase of Nspire and I was sold! Why wouldn’t we want to protect our “lady parts”, “vagina”, “V”…. Oh what the heck…“Your Box” from danger?  I was shocked and I felt like more people should know about these hazardous products, both men and women.  I immediately asked how I could be a part of such a “Movement”.  I’m truly excited about the awareness that this company has brought upon me, so that I can share the product as well as the opportunity with others as a business. “Love Your Box” enough to do the same!

For decades now, doctors and scientists have studied, tested, and proven the benefits anions bring. Once these negative ions reach our bloodstream, they are said to produce biochemical reactions that bring a multitude of benefits such as:

Anions in sanitary napkins! Negative ions do help:

    • Balance PH and hormone levels
    • Protect against germs in the air
    • Reduce inflammation
    • Fights against vaginal irritations and infections
    • Eliminate unwanted odor
    • Stay dry longer



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