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Build A Business By Helping Women!

For decades now, doctors and scientists have studied, tested, and proven the benefits anions bring. Once these negative ions reach our bloodstream, they are said to produce biochemical reactions that bring a multitude of benefits such as:

* Lowers our stress levels
* Boosts our energy levels
* Acts as a natural anti-depressant
* Strengthens our immune system
* Helps us sleep better
* Reinforces collagen production
* Improves our blood circulation
* Increases mental energy

And specifically for anions in sanitary napkins, negative ions help:

* Balance PH and hormone levels
* Protect against germs in the air
* Reduce inflammation
* Fights against vaginal irritations and infections
* Eliminate unwanted odor

Now We “NO”!
I’m involved with a NEW movement called Now We “NO”! We’re saying “NO” to a product that women have used for years. Sanitary napkins will never be the same!